unRAID Bazarr: Docker starts, but not accessible

My Bazarr docker is starting, but seems to never fully load. Here’s what I get in the docker log:

Docker Log

Connection to localhost ( 6767 port [tcp/*] succeeded!
2024-02-05 10:54:26,361 - root (14e07035cb38) : INFO (signalr_client:122) - BAZARR trying to connect to Sonarr SignalR feed…
[migrations] started
[migrations] no migrations found

  ██╗     ███████╗██╗ ██████╗
  ██║     ██╔════╝██║██╔═══██╗
  ██║     ███████╗██║██║   ██║
  ██║     ╚════██║██║██║   ██║
  ╚══════╝╚══════╝╚═╝ ╚═════╝

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To support the app dev(s) visit:


User UID: 99
User GID: 100

[custom-init] No custom files found, skipping…
[ls.io-init] done.

Here’s my unRAID Docker config:

Searching posts here, I saw something about the timezone being wrong, but I don’t have an option for that here.

Any thoughts?

how are you trying to access it, what error do you get?

Clicking on the WebUI button brings up a page that points to (the unRAID host, and the port). And it just never loads. Says Loading… in the Chrome tab.


you logs look fine (for the container) and it obviously kind of works since it tries to send you to system/status.

I suspect you have some issue with the application itself, rather than the container, but you’d need to seek bazarr support to determine what, if anything, is wrong