Unraid Sonarr v4 Data path mismatch "Root folder '/data/tv/' was not found."

Package Version by ]
Net Version Yes (6.0.12)
Docker Yes
AppData directory /config
Startup directory /app/sonarr/bin
Mode Console

I recently migrated my Unraid server following [TRaSH’s guide]. I am using Sonarr v4 to take advantage of Custom Formats.

Per TRaSH my folder structure is as follows

├── torrents
│ ├── movies
│ ├── music
│ └── tv
├── usenet
│ ├── movies
│ ├── music
│ └── tv
└── media
├── movies
├── music
└── tv

After Sabnzb downloaded the series Serengeti season 03 episode 01 Sonarr did not move it to the array.

I don’t know where Sonarr is getting the Root folder to be “/data/tv/”

The following Sonarrr Data paths

Container Path: /tv /mnt/user/data/media/tv/
Location of TV library on disk (See note in Application setup)

Path: /downloads: /mnt/user/data/
Container Path: /downloads
Location of download managers output directory

data: /mnt/user/data/
Container Path: /data

[Sonarr Settings Media Management Root Folders]


[Sonarr Settings Download Clients Remote Path Mappings]
Remote Path Mappings

Host Remote Path Local Path /data/usenet/ /data/usenet/ /data/torrents/ /data/torrents/

[Sonarr Logfile

2023-01-24 14:37:33.9|Warn|ImportApprovedEpisodes|Couldn’t import episode /data/usenet/tv/Serengeti - 0301 - Refuge/Serengeti.S03E01.Refuge.1080p.iP.WEB-DL.AAC2.0.H.264-PlayWEB.mkv

[v4.0.0.362] NzbDrone.Core.MediaFiles.EpisodeImport.RootFolderNotFoundException**: Root folder ‘/data/tv/’ was not found.**
at NzbDrone.Core.MediaFiles.EpisodeFileMovingService.EnsureEpisodeFolder(EpisodeFile episodeFile, Series series, Int32 seasonNumber, String filePath) in C:\BuildAgent\work\13f3e374fa512e16\src\NzbDrone.Core\MediaFiles\EpisodeFileMovingService.cs:line 157
at NzbDrone.Core.MediaFiles.EpisodeFileMovingService.MoveEpisodeFile(EpisodeFile episodeFile, LocalEpisode localEpisode) in C:\BuildAgent\work\13f3e374fa512e16\src\NzbDrone.Core\MediaFiles\EpisodeFileMovingService.cs:line 73
at NzbDrone.Core.MediaFiles.UpgradeMediaFileService.UpgradeEpisodeFile(EpisodeFile episodeFile, LocalEpisode localEpisode, Boolean copyOnly) in C:\BuildAgent\work\13f3e374fa512e16\src\NzbDrone.Core\MediaFiles\UpgradeMediaFileService.cs:line 77
at NzbDrone.Core.MediaFiles.EpisodeImport.ImportApprovedEpisodes.Import(List`1 decisions, Boolean newDownload, DownloadClientItem downloadClientItem, ImportMode importMode) in C:\BuildAgent\work\13f3e374fa512e16\src\NzbDrone.Core\MediaFiles\EpisodeImport\ImportApprovedEpisodes.cs:line 108

Unraid Diagnostics


Any help would be appreciated. Thank you