Unraid SONARR v4 What does it want for "?:/data"

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Yes (6.0.12)Docker
YesAppData directory
/configStartup directory

I used TRaSH’s Guides to set up my array and containers. The only one not working is SONARR v4. I get errors relating to missing root folders.

Screenshot 2023-01-25 14.39.34

Docker Compose

- “/mnt/user/data:/downloads”
- “/mnt/user/appdata/sonarr:/data” <=======What does it want?
- “/mnt/user/appdata/sonarr:/config”
- “/mnt/user/data/media/tv:/tv”

I have tried




most errors have to do with missing root folders the latest is:

Multiple root folders are missing: /data/media/tv/ | /data/tv

Any help will be appreciated. Thank you

This is what SonarrV4 is looking for"

- “/mnt/user/appdata/sonarr:/config” configured internally by Sonarrv4
- “/mnt/user/data:/downloads”
- “/mnt/user/data/media/tv:/tv” configured in Settings–Media Management

  • remove the mount for /tv
  • remove the mount for /downloads
  • the mount you made for /data- change the host path to /mnt/user/data (container path stays /data)
  • /mnt/user/appdata/sonarrshould be mapped to /config
  • then in sonar you make your root folder /data/media/tv

And Setup Download Root Folders for Deluge and Sabnzb

For good measure Remove SonarrV4 from UNraid and reinstall.

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