Update Kodi-Headless to latest (Leia 18.4)


Leia 18.4 was released earlier this month but the latest image published to Docker Hub is still 18.3. When you get a chance, could you look into updating the latest image? I updated my non headless apps earlier this week and then realized that there was a mismatch (hopefully this won’t cause any issues in the interim).

Appreciate it!

I noticed that the current imaged version of Kodi is becoming a bit outdated (Kodi 18.5).
Willing to help in upgrading to a newer version of Kodi, but as far as I see, all magic when building the image is coming from a pre-defined directory that contains the actual Headless-Kodi.

Anyone aware of how I can get my hands on that directory/the installation process for that directory?

We stopped maintaining kodi in February of 2022, we have no plans to support or bring it back to life under LSIO.

You are also replying to a post from September of 2019.

You are free to fork any repository you like on github.

Our suggestion is to use
matthuisman/docker-kodi-headless: A headless install of kodi in a docker container (github.com)