Use general more tag to allow watchtower to update only to major/minor container update


is it possible to add/use more tags to the container to allow more accurate automatic updates?

For example in the container “linuxserver/syncthing” we have the tag " version-v1.17.0" but not the tag " version-v1.17" or " version-v1". With the tag " version-v1.17" i can use watchtower to automatic update to the last minor version or use the tag " version-v1" to update major version.


We do not recommend or support automatic updates whatsoever. That is explicitly stated in all of our readmes.

With that said, the versioning mostly comes from the upstream, we just append it with version- so one can pin it to a specific upstream version and still get os package updates. Many upstream apps don’t even use semantic versioning so what you’re proposing is simply not possible with our automation.

good to know, thanks