User ID question

Hello again. I have a very basic question but just don’t know the right answer. When installing an app using Docker Compose I am supposed to change the PUID/PGID. What I am not sure of is which one I should be using. The first docker tutorial I ever used for installing a container had me use Open Media Vaults admin which for me is 998 and 100. But my Pi has 1000 and 100.

What should I be putting into the docker compose templates provided for containers?

Thanks in advance

you should use what you want

i created a user called dowhat
and a group called iwant

i ensured dowhat is a member of iwant then i got the IDs for these two, you can do grep dowhat /etc/passwd && grep iwant /etc/group then set PUID/PGID to those values.

Ok so it doesn’t really matter what I use. I can use my OMV admin or my Pi user ID either way it doesn’t change how the container runs. Essentially it only changes whether the volumes can be accessed or not. Is that correct?

yep, you got it. it’s just to restrict folder/file access how YOU want it.

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