Using official nextcloud image with Swag

Hi everyone

I’d like to use the official nextcloud docker image while using Swag as a reverse proxy.

The reason for this is I’d like Collabora/Code installed ready to go.

I’ve tried for the past few hours but can’t get the config to work. I can access nextcloud via my server IP on an insecure port (8080) but never via secure port 450 or via my subdomain.

  • Do i need the fpm or the apache version of nextcloud (apache I guess?)


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Do i need the fpm or the apache version of nextcloud (apache I guess?)

Apache of course

If you can access directly to nexcloud than swag is not set correctly.

tip: proxy port 443 should connect to port 8080 of nexcloud. In production direct access to nextcloud should not be allowed.

share your compose and your swag proxy-conf

I got it working eventually. ended up using the LinuxServer Nextcloud image and official Collabora image.

For anyone else in the same boat I found Nextcloud’s built in Collabora server just didn’t work out of the box (even using their official image) and people report it’s too slow. Overall Collabora isn’t as useful/game changing as I thought it would be unfortunately so in future I’d use the set up above rather than trying to get the official NC image to work.

I like using an online office suite and really wanted to get one working through Nextcloud… Collabora was a huge PITA, I agree. I gave up on it

I ended up going with the onlyoffice document server and app on Nextcloud. Was super easy to route through swag w/ my other subdomains

Install/setup nextcloud
Install/setup document server
Install and configure the Only Office add on.

If you want to reverse proxy it, make sure the document server is on your swag network and you’ve set up your domain… then configure it in the app configuration. Very easy to setup.

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