Version numbering / tagging for Healthchecks

I noticed that healthchecks have released a new version.

Looking at Docker Hub I can’t see an image tagged with this new version (2.3 or 2.3.0) at all. I can only see images tagged with strings containing “2.3” with some added bits in front and/or behind he version number.

In the past you guys released images tagged with the version number without anything added to the number.

Has LSIO changed their version numbering scheme?

Nothing has changed.
2.3 is not a full semver string, it is missing the patch number. If the upstream release was tagged as 2.3.0 our tagging would have reflected that. you can see that on 2.2 vs 2.2.1.

Upstream was tagged as v2.3, so you not a complete semver string (also the “v” at the beginning of the version does not fully comply with semver either :wink: )

Previous version was tagged at upstream as v2.2.1 yet, LSIO published an image with tag

The previous tagging makes me expect that there is an image tagged “2.3.0” or “2.3” but neither is there…

Should I be contacting the authors of healthchecks and ask for fully compliant semver versioning?

Thanks for bringing this to our attention, it is indeed an issue on our side. if you want 2.3 please use the tag, v2.3-ls131 which was built the same day v2.3 released.

unfortunately, for an unknown reason, our system also built a a v2.2.1 release a few hours after 2.3 so “latest” is that v2.2.1 release though there is no issue with v2.3 at all and there is an image tagged as such.

disregard, i realize your issue is with semver

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