VSCode docker and GUI through browser

I was wondering if you guys could offer VSCode in Web-GUI form through a docker. Similar to how webtop offers the OS GUI through the browser.
I understand that there’s code-server, however code-server is not exactly VSCode. Code-server does not have access to the same extensions offered in the regular marketplace. For example, I need the pylance extension for my development but it’s MS proprietary and cannot be accessed with code-server.

I mean it seems like you already have the solution at hand. Just install vscode after spinning up a webtop (use one of the ubuntu versions like “ubuntu-xfce”), and you have the environment you require.
I don’t think it makes sense to maintain a rendered gui container for something we have a native web app container for to support specific plugins.
In the rare case a user needs a specific plugin and absolutely needs to run this stuff from a web browser remotely then like stated above they can just install the deb themselves, it is not a huge barrier.