Wallabag docker image

Dear Linuxserver.io team,

thanks a lot for your work creating and maintaining these docker images! Great job!

I would like to ask if it is possible to create a docker container for Wallabag?

Wallabag does offer a docker image but it is (as far as I can see, noob here) not compatible with armhf or having issues to connect to your mariadb container.

Furthermore, your expertise could be very usefule for making it work in a subfolder, what has never worked for me eventhough there are people out there claiming that it does.

Thanks again for your work and considering this request!


I would love to see linuxserver/wallabag


I would also appreciate an ARM supporting linuxserver/wallabag docker image.

Yes! I’ve been looking for a good bookmark/read-it-later manager for a while.

omg I came all the way to this forum today just to request JUST THIS!

Wallabag is awesome but the containers availible for it are awful.
The official wallabag container for example has to be run as ROOT which is really bad security wise… They do not offer any PUID/GUID arguments whatsoever… Not supported.

Please linuxserver this is a popular and very useful container… If you guys get this working I will amke big donations next payday :slight_smile:

Another vote for this! The official containers are an absolute pain.

another upvote here!

Same here! Can’t wait to use a solution from you guys!

Unfortunately, unless someone sends a pull request implementing support for base url/subfolder, for now the closest alternative we have is running wallabag under a subdomain, (e.g. wallabag.example.com).

Regarding the armhf docker image, it is possible to build it yourself on an armhf machine; for example with:

git clone https://github.com/wallabag/docker.git wallabag
cd wallabag && docker build --tag wallabag:localbuild .

Then simply run the image with the usual command:

docker run -p 80:80 wallabag:localbuild

Also would love to see this!