Webgrabplus docker requiring DotNet 6.0.0

the last docker image for webgrabplus does not run and shows the following warning:
The framework ‘Microsoft.NETCore.App’, version ‘6.0.0’ was not found.

That makes it not to run. Is that something to be ammended in the image or outside ot docker?

Thanks in advance!

Please could you provide the following information so we can help with supporting your issue:

OS/docker info (ex: Ubuntu 20.04, Docker 20.10)
Hardware (ex: Dell R730, VM, Raspberry Pi 3b, Synology DS916+)
Docker command or compose snippet
Container logs (Please use hastebin to post these)
Describe the issue you’re having with the container.

Mind the #rules and remember this server supports the containers, not the apps inside (they have their own support).