Webgrabplus: no vi?

I’ve setup tvheadend successfully using portainer on an OMV 5 installtion on a Pi 4. I’mnew to the docker world.
I now try to add webgrabplus which worked so far. But I don’t get the configuration done as there is no vi? not even nano or another editor found.
What am I doing wrong.

The config file is in the folder you volume mounted from your host. So you can simply open that file using nano/vi on OMV.
We expose the config so that users doesn’t have to go into the container to edit the files.

Thanks for the reply
The portainer in OMV created two volumes when it created the container, one for data, one for config.
So I need to setup the container a second time, so far so good.

I want to use the webgrabplus together with tvheadend (both with portainter)

My setup is:
tvheadend with host network, one volume for config (/config) and one folder from the host mounted for recordings (/recordings).

tvheadend webgrabplus grapper expects the xml file in /config/data which is part of the mounted volume in tvheadend.

If I wand to use it with webgrabplus, how and what do I need to mount?

Is it possible to use one volume in two container at the same time? Or is it the best solution to mount /config in both (tvheadend and webgrabplus) to a folder on the host systemso I can just easily edit configurations?

Thanks for helping.

I would suggest that you mount the folders to the host. Don’t use the same folder on host for both containers. Use separate ones.
You can mount webgrabs /data volume to tvheadends /config/data folder. No need to edit anything in those folders, so a volume mount is fine there.