What got you started with Linuxserver.io

I grew tired of paying for multiple streaming hosts, so I decided to look into hosting the media own I have used things like Kodi in the past, but I my aim was to find something quicker and flexible when I am travelling or outside my home connection.

I purchased a tiny PC, upgraded parts to make it a bit more modern and put Ubuntu Server 20.4 on it.

So far, I have found using Docker to be a huge benefit, having all the apps I plan to use nicely hosted within it. That’s what bought me here, that and struggling to sort the reverse proxy.

What got you started here? What apps do you use?

It started as installing Plex as a Docker container. The tutorial I used was the Linuxserver.io one.

My other encounters were by chance: Unifi and Syncthing. Since they all work great, I usually check Linuxserver first when looking for a container.