What is '* Star' in diff report on Changedetection.io?

I’ve just spin up changedetection.io on my Unraid and use it to detect changes on some github release pages, using option “Basic fast Plaintext/HTTP Client”. There are some reported changes that I could not find its whereabout on such release pages. I tried inspect source and view source on my browser and could not find it.
For example:
tracking: https://github.com/SecureAI-Tools/SecureAI-Tools/releases, whilst there is no any visible change on the webpage, it always reports the ‘* Star + number’ that has changed. I’m not sure what is it and how can I suppress this kind of trigger.


Probably this would be my guess.

Use developer tools to get a CSS selector for the container that just has the release tags so the rest is ignored.

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I know now why I did not see this Star thing.

You’ll see this “Star” thing only if you do not sign in to the github. As soon as I sign out and visit the page again, I see this Star thing!

Where do I find the “developer tools”?

Update: I found a way to select only the “xpath” I want to monitor by:

  • at the webpage, right click, inspect
  • using mouse to point at different part of the code whilst looking where on webpage is highlighting the webpage area you wish to monitor
  • when found such code section, right click, copy, and copy xpath
  • on changedetection page, “edit” the url you are monitoring, choose “Filters&Triggers” tab, type xpath: and paste with the path you have copied earlier
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