Which container registry to use for docker pulls?

I’ve been re-reading the docs for a number of linuxserver.io containers I set up around a year ago as I’m in the process of moving them all to another server and while I was primarily searching for changes to environment variables etc, the one thing that really stood out to me was how the docker pull commands have changed since I first set my containers up.

While the main docker pull command for each container always refers to the original linuxserver/foo format I was familiar with, the docker run and docker compose samples for each container now frequently refer to lscr.io/linuxserver/foo or occasionally ghcr.io/linuxserver/foo

  • Is the old linuxserver/foo location being deprecated?
  • Are all linuxserver.io containers mirrored to all three locations?
  • Which location is best to use?

thanks, Richard

This blog post should will explain about lscr.io :slight_smile:
Wrap Up Warm For Winter | LinuxServer.io

We push to docker hub, ghcr, gitlab and quay. lscr is our forwarder, a gateway of sorts. No plans to deprecate any of them at the moment

@j0nnymoe Unfortunately I can’t access your http://lscr.io/ link but @aptalca has answered my question very concisely below and I’m off to to tweak my compose files now! Thank you to you both for such quick replies!

That wasn’t supposed to link :laughing: - Click on Wrap Up Warm For Winter | LinuxServer.io

Oops! Got it! thought the line below about winter was just a seasonal signature you had!

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