Will there be an update for lsioarmhf/plex?

Hey I was wondering what the update schedule for lsioarmhf/plex is? Also, is there a good tutorial for how one might create the ARM version of Plex (or anything) for Docker? I only ask so I could do it myself in the future. Thanks for the all your work, it’s really appreciated.

All our images are multi arched just use linuxserver/plex

The arm version issue was mentioned so skipping that, I wanted to point you at this as one of the better overall tutorials if you are new to the self hosted personal media server setup: https://www.smarthomebeginner.com/docker-home-media-server-2018-basic/

I came across it when reading a tutorial on Traefik, on the same site.
Hope it helps.

I refer you to the answer above. Use linuxserver/plex

Our repositories are multiarch.

Awesome, thank you for your help! I was wondering if that was possible, but I didn’t want to screw around with what I have going now to test it. Thanks again!

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