Windows SMB passing through to Linux Dockers, permissions?

I’m having problems with Sonarr (but im sure will also see it in radarr, lidarr, nzbget, etc etc)

I’m running a windows file server (due to a legacy reason), presented as \\server\folder\ with full read/write to user1, both ntfs and share permissions.

Tried a few different methods to present the SMB share to the linux dockers, settled on mounting /mnt/folder on my host and passing it through as a volume (rw).
This is working fine and I can even use touch to create a file from the sonarr container console (root) but not the user that is running the sonarr service.
However if I look at chmod for the mount inside the container sonarr its 755 rather than 777 and im unable to change it. As sonarr runs as a different user than root it does not have write permission to /mnt/folder and I’m guessing this is the cause of my problems.

I have tried to sudo chmod but the container does not have sudo, I have tried to umount the location and see if it lets me edit it while its not mounted but this also failed.

I would really appreciate a hand getting this working, hopefully in a simple manner that doesnt require me to edit much with every container update.

Thank You


The problem is both my OS and my Docker console are root (UID 0) but Sonarr is running as UID 1000 (user: abc)
I had to go back to the host OS, change my mount options to include 777 permissions.

sudo mount -t cifs //server/folder /mnt/folder-o user=user1,dir_mode=0777,file_mode=0777

Hope this helps someone in the future.

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