Wireguard cannot access container services on local home network

Hi, would appreciate your help.
I’m running for about 20 container services on my home server for some time. I’m now trying to set up remote access to these services via Wireguard. I’ve Wireguard running in a container and can get easily access to the local network. Through the container I can ping local servers, I’ve WAN access with a local IP address and I can ping my local servers. What I can’t figure out is getting access to my container services. I created two docker networks vpnin and apps with driver bridge. The apps services are all accessed via SWAG reverse proxy and in SWAG service definition in the docker compose has a networks definition including vpnin and apps. I do something similar for the backends network where my database servers are defined. Any clue what’s missing?

It will likely be better for you to come onto our discord to get help. without seeing your docker compose though, it’s difficult to assist. When you come on discord, please provide your host OS and version, your docker and docker-compose version, your docker compose, and any relevant details you have on your wireguard configuration.

My first thoughts would be to ensure you aren’t using the default docker bridge and/or macvlan. Then i would check the allowedips settings on the server/clients

I tried Discord before getting here, I couldn’t figure out how that works. I logged in with my email and password bit it kept on insisting to couple username to my email but then complaints my email already exists. When I try the app I can’t find a place where to post questions. I see under LinuxServer.io several channels but then what??? I’m confused.

In the welcome channel, there are instructions on reading the rules and upvoting to confirm you did, then you’ll be allowed into the server with all the channels :wink:

I guess I simply don’t get it. The rules were indeed the ones shown first with are request to push the thumbs up. Then I saw announcements, blog, builds and boost channels but nothing where I can post.

you have to click the thumbs up to access other channels…

the instructions say We kindly ask that you first read our #rules. Once you're happy, click on the :thumbsup: reaction to gain access to our channels.

so once you read, click the thumbs-up :slight_smile: