Wireguard Client to access server

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I’ve got a question where i am not sure my goal is acheavable that way. I have a RBP4 setup on one location where i cannot set a port forwarding by myself due to lack of Router Access. I would love to have access to that server over the internet to access my files. So instead of setting up a port forwarding i did use wireguard in client mode to connect to my existing VPN on another server. The connection is made just fine. But i cannot access any files or webinterfaces as if i am on my local machine. Do i need to include those files and services within wireguards docker setup or is there a universal method to allow access to those things? Or maybe is that not possible at all?

I am running OMV on my berry.

Thanks for any help.
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You need to be more specific about which servers you’re referencing and where they’re located. I don’t want to make assumptions and give you false info

Thanks for your reply. So basically ive got my local server running Samba and Bitwarden. I would love to access that over the internet. So i tried to connect to my VPN Server… Hope that clarifies.