Wireshark Docker : how configure it for multiuser access


I am new in the world of docker, and i have download the wireshark docker image.

My goal is to have a multiuser solution, like that each user launch his own wireshark docker, and then capture the physical trafic on the server.

For that i have to launch the docker in host mode (to be able to see physical interface).
Then i have found a way to seperate each docker URL by using the env variable “CUSTOM_PORT” and it works.

But now i have an issue, each docker instance share the same graphical environment. Indeed if i have a connexion on the default port, and an other on a custom port, i see always the same GUI, and when i modify it the first HTTP session, the second session is also modified…

I have tried to custom login/password, but by doing that i have an error when i try to connect… like the custom login/password induce an error

example command : docker run -d --name test --network host -e CUSTOM_PORT=9000 -e CUSTOM_USER=dodo -e PASSWORD=dodo --name wire-9000-dodo lscr.io/linuxserver/wireshark

Thanks for your help