Wordpress Docker image

I am a huge fan of the work you guys are doing – one of the items that has really made my life easier is the ability to easily extend your images with the custom startup scripts. To that end, any chance you would consider creating a wordpress image that provides the same extensibility?

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Thanks for the kind words.

You can easily install wordpress in our nginx or swag (letsencrypt) images. Here’s a guide that shows you how to easily set up a wordpress site with free ssl certs: https://docs.linuxserver.io/general/swag#hosting-a-wordpress-site

Thanks. Setting up WordPress is pretty easy, it’s just something that needs to be done a lot (I have over 100 instances right now). I just thought it would be cool if there was a standard image for it like all of the other ones that are currently available.

I’m not sure that’s something we would want to maintain… It takes around 5 minutes to set it up on our existing nginx or swag containers and we have a pretty good guide on handling it. The problem with saying a “standard” image for wordpress is, what standard? suiting whom? everyone runs their wordpress a little differently and has different plugin needs, example, imagick vs gd. We know imagick is broken in the latest alpine and the alpine devs don’t seem to be interested in fixing it.

It’s better to offer a standard webserver where you can easily install wordpress along with whatever plugins you’d like.

I agree on the “what is standard” comment – that is one of the reasons I was hoping for a linuxserver image :slight_smile: The simple extensibility model with the init scripts offers huge flexibility without the need to constantly build custom containers. So if different plugins are needed it would be linking an additional startup script and letting it execute at startup.

Hello So it Can be apply to aprestashop app too? with the same swag container…
this its blow my mind; sorry, i get some conainers to run this apps and its a paint for sharing folders in containers, and the permissions uufff… but i read about this swag container just a few minutes ago !!!