Wordpress Upload Limit

I am new to proxy and I have Wordpress installed but it defaults the upload limit to 2MB. Normally I would add a .htaccess file with the new limit and it would work but that does not seem to work with NGINX. Is there something else I can change. I looked at the default config and did not see anything on that file to change also. I also tried updating the php-local.ini with upload_max_filesize = 100MB and that updated it to 8MB so not sure what else to look at.

php-local.ini is the right place to change those vars. There are a few others like post max size. You’ll have to google them.

@aptalca Thanks for the help I will take a better look at that tonight.

Thanks for the help again, I was able to update the upload limit on my Wordpress site. Thanks for building and supporting these containers.