Yet another nextcloud update question

Hello, I’m running linuxserver/nextcloud:21.0.0-ls128 image, but Nextcloud updater (CLI or WebGUI) says there’s still no update available for my current 20.0.8 version.

I’ve read that this can time some time but is it really the case?

OTA updates are controlled by Nextcloud. They determine when it becomes available in your gui.

Thank you , I already feel less anxious about it :slight_smile:

I was not aware that it was up to the updater app to decide this, and although I could not find this information very clear on Nextcloud’s docs, I’ve just read the following statement:

...From an existing Nextcloud server, the updater will notify you of the new version once we make it available. We usually roll out gradually and typically only make the first minor release available to all users. If you don’t want to wait and upgrade sooner, this new release can be found in the beta channel. You can enable the beta channel, refresh the page, then upgrade. After the upgrade you can go back to the stable channel and you’ll be notified when 21.0.1 is out!


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