Yetiforce crm and Axelor crm

Hi, is there a possibility to create containers for Yetiforce and Axelor crm’s?
They already have a docker image on Docker HUB but for both there is not the possibility to change exposed ports on the host side and to make volumes persistent.
I don’t know if this is the right section of the forum, anyway, thank you in advance.

??? put -p <port you want>:80 -p <port you want>:3306 and -v <where you want data>:<folders they have with data you want>

unless a teammember is using those applications, it is very unlikely we would make one. Also, this should go in container requests, i will move it

Hi driz, thank you for your reply, i tryed that way already ad it doesn’t work, in Axelor i can change the ports but if i map the volumes then it doesn’t start at all and in Yetiforce if i change the ports it happen that the installation exit after the welcome page and also they don’t indicate which are the volumes to map…
I thougt asking for help here in as you are famous for deliver excellent containers for excellent software and well these two i mentioned i think they are :slight_smile: