LSIO WebGrab++ add-on for Kodi working for anyone?

Hi folks!

Is someone here using WebGrab++ Docker add-on for Kodi?

I upgraded my MPC to LibreELEC 10.0.2/Kodi 19.4. As WG++ add-on is no longer supported I am trying LSIO WG++ Docker add-on. It is said in the documentation that the container is managed automatically but it will not create any XML file nor logs. Manual run (docker exec -d webgrabplus /defaults/ is working fine. Enabling the WG++ add-on starts the container but no output files are touched. The system is often beeping about starting and killing the container but still no changes in output files. Is it meant to be like this?


It runs by a cron job that is set to run at I think 2am.

First I changed the wg3-cron file in the config directory to test-run it sooner but then it did not run at all. I guess the problem was caused by editing the wg3-cron file in Windows PC and Notepad (the files are shared via Samba). Yesterday I edited it in SSH shell/Putty and amazingly it started to work ok :slight_smile:
Who could imagine - there was no problem editing the XML config files in Notepad.

There is only the problem of random beeping left now - for some time Kodi shows “Docker: Webgrabplus: Kill” message every N minutes then some time it is quiet. Maybe it is caused by the Docker image updater, haven’t figured out it yet…

Looks like these Docker pop-ups have been annoying others, too…

This is probably related to the something in LibreELEC/Kodi, I don’t think anyone within the has used it for a long time as a container host.