docker container > how to see my custom ISO to boot off of

Question: I cant find my predownloaded ISO files (Kubuntu) when i PXE boot off of my docker container

I can see them in the web menu under Untracked Assets but cant find them when PXE booting from the desktop


version: “2”

services: netbootxyz:

image: linuxserver/netbootxyz

container_name: netbootxyz


  • PUID=1000

  • PGID=1000

  • MENU_VERSION=1.9.9 #optional volumes:

  • /media/username/nfsset/containers/netbootxyz/config:/config

  • /media/username/smbshare/Software/ISO/Linux/:/assets

#optional ports:

  • 3000:3000

  • 69:69/udp

  • 8080:80 #optional

restart: unless-stopped web menu

How do i boot off my Untracked Assets

I setup a docker container using

I am able to PXE boot a computer off of my docker container

If i go to on my web browser > Local Assets

I am able to see my custom ISO’s under the “Untracked Assets”

I am not able to find my custom (Kubuntu) ISO in the menu when PXE booting

What am i missing

Thanks in Advance

can you see the files when you goto ?

Yes I can see all my custom iso in that link

oh i see what you’re doing wrong here, sorry. You need to unpack the ISO and make those contents available. Your best bet is to scroll down and find kubuntu and click download. You’ll get the correct data.

So what you are saying is I cannot utilize a ISO, I have to unpack an ISO and then I’ll be able to boot off it of it… Never tried to unpack an iso you recommend any special software…thanks in advance

basically, though it’s likely much more efficient to download the assets from within the system, but yes, the pxeloader environment has no clue what to do with an ISO image

just mount the iso in the assets folder and restart the netboot container