[Request] Obico (TheSpaghettiDetector) - 3d printing failure watchdog

This is a little different from the servers I normally deploy from yourselves, however I think this would be a great addition, there isn’t an official image, and the code is opensource and easy to compile and as long as there is access to a GPU then there shouldn’t be an issue with deployment.

I do not think we will do this.

Yes, Obico (former TSD) is missing all in one image. You still need to do deployment manually, you will then never update deployed image, which will lead to security issues. Not sure why lsio image is not wanted.

I would probably say as this is a 3d printing related image, it would require someone within the team to be actively using it so they’re able to maintain it.

Maintaining an app for 3d printing would be hard to diagnose issues for when no one uses it.